As a Mortgage Broker, Always Best Rate Mortgage Company works for you, the homeowner.  We search the mortgage market daily to find the cheapest money from the best priced wholesale lenders.  We consistently deliver lower rates at lower cost because of our hard work and dedication to your financial improvement. 

  Mortgage financing has essentially become a commodity product and as such, a smart homeowner should insist upon the lowest rate at the lowest fee, simple as that.  We have also streamlined and eliminated as many fees as possible.  We do not charge processing fees, document preparation fees, review fees and the myriad of creative junk fees designed to take your money.  Through diligent review, we believe we can also deliver the lowest possible third party title and escrow fees with the goal of reducing the total cost of your refinance or purchase transaction.

  As a consumer champion, Always Best Rate Mortgage Company knows smart consumers shop and compare.  So  go for it, check us out, compare our rates against the largest national banks and the local mortgage bankers.  We love to compete and take pride knowing we have delivered the Best Rate at the Lowest Cost.  Thank you for your consideration,  Brad Higginbotham , Managing Broker

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