How can we deliver such unbeatable pricing and close your loans so much quicker than other mortgage companies?

The answer is simple: The majority of mortgage companies spread themselves thin by attempting to originate loans in multiple states.  Ths causes operational inefficiencies resulting in production backlogs. Most lenders will take from 60 to 180 days to close your loan in today’s interest rate climate.

The result: Your loan file sits in a pile for months waiting to be opened by an underwriter, you can’t get a call back from your loan agent or processor, your rate lock expires exposing you to potential adverse market shifts, all of which compromise the promises made to you up front. You become frustrated-- and that’s when we step in to fix it.

At Always Best Rate Mortgage, instead of doing many things poorly we’ve chosen to do one thing VERY well. We don't outsource the processing of your loan.  We are available 24/7.  We devote our time, our energy and talents to you, our California neighbor and your home located in one of our local communities.

Because we focus only on the California mortgage market and its unique features and challenges, we are able to close loans where other lenders fail and close them faster with lower rates and lower or no fees.

ALWAYS BEST RATE MORTGAGE's Northern California office is staffed with knowledgeable energetic professionals who provide superior service. Call us today for a free no pressure quote and consultation.